How I failed the first Time I tried Getting Fit and What I am Doing This Time

There’s been several times in my life that I tried to get fit for one reason or another. With it being the season to make New Year’s resolutions, I thought now would be a good time to discuss the mistakes I’ve made in the past In the hopes that it could help you if you’re making a New Year’s resolution for the same thing. Although I don’t believe in Making New Year’s resolutions when it comes to fitness, I’m still working on getting fit. I consider getting fit an ongoing process and a journey in itself. Through this journey, I’ve discovered some big mistakes that I made and many of them have nothing to do with a number on a scale. Here are some of the mistakes I tried getting fit and what I’m doing differently this time.

How I Failed the First Time I tried Getting Fit and What I’m Doing This Time

I focused too much on the scale– Focusing on the scale is one of the worst things you can do when going on a fitness journey. It says if we think the number on the scale tells us everything we need to know about where we’re at. The truth is, a number on a scale really is just that- a number on a scale. It doesn’t tell you about the times that you didn’t give up and instead, pushed through, it doesn’t tell you how much muscle mass you’ve built, and it doesn’t talk about the inches that you’ve lost. If you are focusing on nothing but the scale you will find yourself being disappointed a lot of time. This time around, I’m not weighing myself as often and when I do I’m not taking it to heart. I’m also considering not weighing myself at all. I’m also doing measurements with a simple measuring tape. I’m looking for the non scale victories.

I didn’t eat enough protein– The science proves it: muscle burns fat and muscle needs protein to build. The first time around I didn’t eat enough protein. What I say you need to eat more protein, I really do mean it. One of the easiest and fastest way to get more protein Into your diet is to eat cottage cheese. One serving has a huge kick of protein. I know lots of people don’t like cottage cheese but I’m lucky to enjoy it. Whatever it takes, make sure you’re eating enough protein. (Check out my recipe on Rainbeau Curves for delicious Chocolate Banana Protein Pudding!)

I gave up way too easily– A fitness journey is a slow process. A great analogy is that is more like a marathon than a sprint, no pun intended. This means you will have bumps in the road and times were you hit plateaus. It also means you might be pushing yourself to your breaking points and limits. In the past, I gave him away too easily. I let my chronic pain condition be my boss instead of the other way around. This time around, I’m telling it what to do. I’m finding that when I do, my pain days are less intense and fewer in between.

I didn’t build a support network– Every fitness journey must have a support network. In the past, I didn’t think I needed one. I thought this journey was one I took alone and, when I did try To build a network, I didn’t build it with the best people. I built it with people that wouldn’t necessarily hold me accountable and the ones that I did add that were good for me, I didn’t communicate with often enough.  If I’m honest, I think I did it that way on purpose. This time, I am building a network of people and support that will push me to do my best.

I compared myself too much to others– Oh yes, I definitely compared myself way too much to others. Just like relying on the scale, comparing yourself to others and their journeys will do nothing but make you feel like giving up. Even if you compare yourself to others that have similar bodies and struggles that you do, oftentimes, you will still be disappointed, because each of us is unique. This time, the only one I’m comparing myself to is me and where I have been and how far I have come.

I didn’t set enough goals And I didn’t reward myself either– In the past, I set long-term goals but I wasn’t very good about setting short-term goals. These long-term goals seemed unattainable. This time I’m setting short-term goals so I can celebrate these victories and reward myself in healthy ways.Some rewards I plan on including are new fitness clothes, new non-fitness clothes, day trips to places I want to go and some spa time.


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  1. Okay. Yes, yes, yes, no, no, yes. You are spot on about the scales. The scales have a negative effect on me. If I don’t weigh 150lbs. the next day I’m disappointed. Haven’t reached my goal. I quit. Btw, 150 is what I want but I have a long, long, way to go. I tend to be standoffish when it comes to asking for help. I never thought of rewarding myself. Why? Probably because I hadn’t read your blog. Thanks for sharing!

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