Free Stuff for Diabetics

I don’t often do diabetes posts, but I do have diabetes and it is a grueling disease to manage. As if poking your finger a million times is fun, right? One thing about diabetes, though, is there are a lot of freebies out there for diabetics to take advantage of. I am not an expert on freebies, but I did do some research on some free stuff that you might want if you are a diabetic as of May 2017. I will try to keep this list updated as I find new offers.

In this list of freebies, I wanted to make sure they weren’t gimmicks. Meaning, I didn’t want you to have to fill out a ton of information and ‘complete offers’ in order to get a freebie. I hate those kinds of freebies because they seem scammy and many of them are! Instead, I tried to find direct free samples for diabetics. There are a couple here that ask for a few short survey questions to be answered, but it’s pretty simple and only takes a minute.

I hope you enjoy this list of freebies for diabetics. Don’t forget to share!

Free Stuff for Diabetics

There are many free apps for diabetics out there that can help you manage your blood sugar and disease. Make sure to check out my list of 7 free apps for diabetics.

Get a free diabetes ID necklace by sending an envelope by snail mail from Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation.

Get a free sample of LivRelief Cream to try from LivRelief. It’s a pain relief cream.

Sign up for a free sample and offers from Extend Nutrition Protein Bars.

Try a sample of Trivia Natural Sweetner from Truvia.

Check out this free subscription to Diabetic Living Magazine. There are a few survey questions. You can skip them after answering the first set.

Get this Free Sample Pack of 5 BD Nano Pen Tip Needles by simply filling out a form.

Free Accu-Check Nano from CVS pharmacy.

Try a non-dairy veggie based milk for free from Veggemo. (Very Limited Time!)

Get free samples, coupons and more from Ester-C by signing up with them.

Check out Splenda Naturals with a free sample.



Make sure you read my tips for getting free or low cost diabetic testing supplies.

Also Check out this list of Free Kindle e-books for diabetics.


Free Stuff for Diabetics- Get free samples for diabetics and find out my tips for saving money on diabetic testing supplies as well as free apps, too!

Please keep in mind that sometimes freebies expire or are no longer available. I try to keep up on this post, but often times, I can’t. If you find broken links, please email me at

Additionally, If you know of any great free samples or items for diabetics, I would love to hear about them in the comments and I will add them to the list!

9 Replies to “Free Stuff for Diabetics”

  1. Jennifer yeager says: Reply

    Is this really free? I need a second meter when I run out of supplies. It would help so I don’t have to go without while I wait for my regular supplies to come. It would help but I understand. If I can’t get one

  2. How old is this?? None of the links work.

    1. Hi Amanda,

      This post is from a year ago. Thank you for letting me know a couple of the links no longer have free offers. I have removed the ones that no longer work, however as of now, some still do so make sure to request them while they are still available. 🙂


    2. Please could i have some free samples of diabetic products thank you very much miss dianne middleton

  3. Rose Marie Baumgardt says: Reply

    Is there any way to get a free diabeties record log book? I’ve tried searching for it but I can’t seem to find any!

    1. Hi Rose, I will see if I can find one for you. 🙂

  4. Need It Quickly says: Reply

    Hi Christine,

    I read your blog and i am very impressed after read it and it is helpful for people to manage your blood sugar and disease. I all recommend to those all my friends that are suffering from this diabetic disease.

  5. We have never eaten very healthy. My husband now is a diabetic , We need all the help we can get . Thank you for your offer . Sincerely , Terry kelly

  6. I am looking for free diabetic supplies like test strips and lancets for my One Touch Verio Flex Glucose Monitoring System. Because my husband and I are from a low income family. We make less than $18,200.00 a year. We have insurance but every thing goes to the deductible. Our insurance deductible is $16,000.00 a year. We cannot afford diabetic supplies every month. It costs like a $113.98 every month.

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