How to Stay Motivated in Your Fitness Goals

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How to Stay Motivated in your Fitness Goals

I usually write only about plus sized fitness and while many of the articles I write have information that is good for both non-plus sized athletes and plus sized ones, this one has some information for just about anyone who is losing focus, feeling like they want to give up and maybe defeated. Perhaps you are just getting bored with your workouts or you want to stop trying because you are not seeing the results you think you should. Either way, I hope you find some inspiration here that you can use to keep on that fitness path of yours!

How to Stay Motivated in Your Fitness Goals

Pick a role model. There are many role models out there for fitness. You don’t have to do exactly what they can do, but having one as a role model can help you achieve your goals as well. I like to pick one that is inspirational somehow since I am overcoming chronic pain and plus sized barriers. My personal fitness role model is a lady I met in a Facebook group.


Change up your workout spot. Get outside! When the weather is nice, head outdoors to get your workout in! Who wants to be stuck in a gym when the weather is great? We have some awesome wheat fields near us that I like to run near. I just recently did a 6.5K with them as my trail. It was stunning! Make sure to bring a hoodie (like this Charlotte Zip Hoodie from Rainbeau Curves!) in case the weather changes. I wore this hoodie throughout my 5K in Missoula, Montana because it was raining and it was so lightweight!


Buy a new workout outfit. If you have to throw on the same boring outfit every time you work out, it’s so easy to feel deflated in your attitude towards fitness. Instead, buy yourself a new outfit at least once a month or when you meet a goal. I love to get mine from Rainbeau Curves because they are made for plus-sized women. This Jocelyn Print Tank with Bra in Black is a great mix of fun pattern with functionality and these Olivia Capris are so soft and comfortable I almost didn’t want to take them off.

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Meet with a personal trainer. You might be able to get some motivation from a personal trainer. Just meeting with one a couple of times can be enough to help you identify goals and what you can do to achieve them. Make sure you do your research, though, as many personal trainer’s styles may not be intense enough or too intense for motivation.


See your Doctor. You may be fighting nature and not know it. Make sure to see your doctor if you feel like you are not progressing enough as you could have a thyroid disorder or something else preventing you from being able to meet your goals.

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Remind yourself that it takes time and everyone is different. Your body is unique. While it may be similar to other people’s bodies, you must keep in mind that it will lose weight or gain muscle differently and it will do it at it’s own pace. This may be slower or faster than others. Keep that in perspective when feeling defeated and try not to compare yourself to others too much.


Find some motivation online. Join groups online that can help you stay motivated. There are fitness groups all over Facebook, for instance, that can help you feel comfortable. I personally love the group Body Positive Athletes. It is for anyone of any skill or size as long as you love your body and have a good attitude. They believe “athletic” does not define a body type, but rather a lifestyle. I also find that if I am on Instagram and I look up hashtags such as #PlusSizedFitness, I get lots of great inspiration.



Set new Goals. Maybe the goals you had set were too large to achieve all at once. Set smaller, shorter term goals for more achievement. For instance, don’t say, “My goal is to lose 50 lbs”. Instead, say, “My goal this month is to lose 5 lbs”. Also, setting goals that are less based on numbers and more on activity will leave you feeling more accomplished. For instance, say something like, “I will spend 4 days a week working out for at least 45 minutes each time” rather than “I want to weigh X in 6 months”.

Take measurements along the way. You may not see the scale move because you are busy building muscle. Instead of using the scale as your measurement, use measurements of your body to see inches lost. Knowing that although the scale didn’t move, but you lost 2 inches this week is a great motivator.


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  1. Great Tips! I think before beginning any fitness goal setting program, you need to decide what you want out of it. It is important not to self-sabotage yourself with goals that are too long-term or impossible to meet. Enthusiasm wanes if goals are not realistic.
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