#LightTheWorld and Feed the Hungry

This post is NOT sponsored by the church. I was asked if I would like to create an event and I agreed because it meant so much to me to do so.

In my adult life, there have been many times where my faith was tested and where I needed help. Several of those times were around the most wonderful time of the year. I remember the first Christmas after my daughter was born, I applied for one of those giving trees. I was told that it was likely that I wouldn’t be chosen because most people don’t so I needed to make sure I had a plan B. Not only did I get chosen, but the amount of abundance from the people who chose to sponsor us was insanely kind. I got so many new baby items, some household stuff like a new pot and pan set and many abundances of food. It fed me in more ways than one. I had many meals out of the food, of course, but mostly, it fed my soul and inspired me to want to feed someone else’s some day.

#LightTheWorld and Feed the Hungry

In recent years, I was also in a situation that assistance was incredibly helpful. My husband works for an amazing, locally owned restaurant. On several occasions, we were helped by the owner and my husband’s superiors when life found us in situations that were tough. One year, a huge windstorm swept the area and left many people, including us and his place of work without power. We luckily only had to go 2 days without it, but his work building wasn’t up and running until 9 days after. This meant he didn’t have work for 9 days and for us, that’s a huge missed paycheck. While we worried, our car was also stolen the day after the storm and it felt like our world was crashing in on us. The owner of my husband’s work not only provided for the missing time, but he went above and beyond to make sure we had a Christmas. This was not the only time he helped us, either, but his giving nature and complete treatment of dignity for all of his employees really inspires me to want to continue this ripple and share the love and kindness with others.


This year, I was asked to set up my own event for the LDS  church’s mission to #FeedTheHungry and I jumped at the chance to do so. I was originally going to choose someone from my husband’s place of business to feed, as I though metaphorically this made the most sense since they work at a restaurant, however, circumstances greatly changed when my husband was injured at work on November 1. He accidentally poured 5 gallons of hot fryer oil on his legs and caused 2nd and 3rd degree burns. He still has not returned to work full time and is just doing very light duty an hour or 2 each day. This left us as the ones in the company that needed the help once again, even though I had asked back in October who we could help. Instead, I went with someone from my work that I know needed some light at the end of her tunnel. I took her shopping at the toy store for some gifts (this couldn’t have come at a better time for her, either, since just days before, he car had broken down!) and got her some groceries. It was a lot of fun going to the toys store with her and I even picked out a gift each for her kids from my husband and I. Being able to do this made it feel like all the help we were given was coming full circle and the day we had prayed for to be able to give back was finally here.


My Inspiration for You

I hope that my joining in to#LightTheWorld has inspired you to do the same. Feeding the hungry comes in all forms, from a simple smile to every stranger you meet,and sometimes it’s as simple as feeding a soul. Carry on this attitude throughout the Christmas season and carry t into the New Year with you. I know I will always be looking for ways to #LightTheWorld. Check out Morman.org for more information and inspirations. Also, check out my project from last year! I made Blessing Bottles. This is a fun project to do with a church group, school or team.

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  1. What a lovely way to go thru life.

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