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Australian residents,

With the Holidays just around the corner, a lot of people are starting to think about the perfect gift to give to their loved ones. There are always some loved ones on just about everyone’s list that can be hard to shop for (my husband is one of these on my personal list!) and leave you puzzled as to what to get them.

Gift Card Planet, a leading personalized gift card company has your gift giving solution!

On Gift Card Planet, you can create your own gift cards that can be used anywhere EFTPOS are accepted! Its like sending cash to your loved one with the convenience of a card! You choose the amount you want to load and your loved one gets to spend at their favorite stores. This way, they can get whatever they want and the stress is off you to pick that perfect gift.

On Gift Card Planet, there are tons of already made themes and images to choose from for your cards for men, women, kids, holidays and other events.

In my opinion, this would also be a fun gift for just about anyone on your list! Kids especially love these since it makes them feel like a grownup having their own card to swipe and money that is all theirs! Also, everyone loves to receive “fun mail” (rather than bills!) and Gift Cards are a great surprise to send in the mail!

I think it would be fun to use the “Make Your Own Card” feature on the website. You can have a picture of YOUR choice on the cover of your card. This truly makes it personalized and your loved one will love to see a personalized image on the front of the card. It would even make a great keepsake.

Make sure for your holiday season that is coming up (or your loved one’s next birthday!) you consider doing it the stress free way this year by going to http://www.giftcardplanet.com.au/ and sending them a gift card! Check them out of Facebook as well!


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