Making a Cleaning Routine

Almost all of us love a clean home. Those that don’t, often belong on a show that will remain nameless (I watch it and immediately feel the urge to clean, why is that 😉 ) One of the biggest issues many people face is getting into a routine that fits their schedule for cleaning. We are all so busy! The last thing most of us want to do is work or run errands all day and then come home and clean house.  Many times, too, deeper cleaning gets pushed to the wayside.


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 I try to follow a top to bottom cleaning routine when I only have time a couple days a week to get my place really clean. The rest of the week, I admit, I do the minimum such as dishes, picking up shoes and coats, litter box duty and papers etc.

On the days I am able to clean better, I follow this method:

  • Pick up all paper, clutter, etc.
  • Dust everything first. This makes it easier when I get to vacuuming as most of the dust on objects has settled in the air and more than likely the carpet.
  • polish wood such as cupboards, furniture and wood knicknacks.
  • Clean bathroom-sink, toilet
  • Vacuum floors and furniture
  • sweep floors
  • Mop floors

You can then do any deep cleaning you have to do. I try to do my floorboards, wipe down my oven doors, windows and watering plants once a week.

Another way to do it if you have little time for cleaning is to designate a chore each day. For instance:

Mondays: Bathroom

Tuesdays: Polish wood furniture and cupboards

Wednesdays: Dusting knicknacks

and so on….

The best way to keep on top of the mess is to clean as you go. For instance, in the kitchen, when I cook, I usually have a sink full of warm soapy water. As I cook and make dirty dishes, I wash them while I am waiting for my food to cook in stages. At the end of the meal, there are only cups, plates and silverware used in the actual meal to do, along with any pots and pans. I leave my pots and pans soaking while I eat. This way, they are good and soaked by the time dinner is over and need a quick wiping to clean up.

What is your clean routine? Do you have any tips to share with other readers?

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