9 Things You Need in Your Cleaning Arsenal

Many people think you need to have a ton of different cleaners and many styles of brushes to clean your whole home, top to bottom. This is simply not true. In fact, you really only need 10 things in your stash of cleaning materials minus the obvious mop and broom.And, you don’t need chemical cleaners, either. You can get your home sparkling clean by just using natural things you probably have in your kitchen.

9 things You Need in Your Cleaning Arsenal

Here is a top 9 list of things I keep in my cleaning arsenal:

1. Vinegar. I think vinegar is a miracle. It can be used on nearly every surface, is safe to have around kids and pets and cleans just about every room in your home. Vinegar can be used in so many ways.

2. Baking soda.This less than a dollar a box powder is an amazing gentle abrasive for many surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom. Make a paste out of it and scrub your grout. Sprinkle it in your kitchen sink and go to town on it.

3. Melamime foam (Magic Erasers). The name says it all. These little white gems are really a miracle in cleaning. You can even use them in your car.

4. Rags: You don’t need to buy them, either. I use old towels cut into rags, old socks that long ago lost their match and even old t-shirts cut up. If you own a Swiffer style floor mop, a washrag works great as a reusable towel for them as it fits perfectly.

5. And old gift card. This seems like a very silly thing to have in your cleaning arsenal, but they are great for removing stickers, gunk and grime that you are having a hard time getting off mirrors and other surfaces. Plus, they won’t scratch.

6. An old toothbrush. While it might sound a bit “neat freak” to have one of these, bear with me. I am not on my hands and knees scrubbing my kitchen or bathroom floor for hours. However, they are great for getting in tight spots and around moldings.

7. Old socks. Another strange one, but amazing for dusting. Slip one over your hand and dust delicate items. Run your hand over the back of the TV. You won’t go back to a duster. I promise.

8. Fancy Gloves. This one may not be necessary, but for me, it is. I love a little eccentric flair in just about anything I do. I have owned zebra design cuff gloves and even ones with pink feathers attached. It adds a bit of fun to my routine and who doesn’t like that?

9. Lemons. Lemons are amazing at degreasing, so if you find yourself with a little extra time and a greasy kitchen, use a lemon to get it in shape.

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