Sandalwood Lemongrass DIY Beard Balm


For a couple of years, my husband grew a beard. He wasn’t logger status because he kept it trimmed, but he definitely enjoyed it when he had it. One day he just got tired of it and cut it into his signature goatee that I had always known on him. I had a love/hate relationship with that beard and when it was gone, I kind if missed it.

One of the reasons I missed it was he had several beard balms and oils that he used to apply and one of them was particularly great. It had a faint lemon smell and a sandalwood scent as well. It was not overly musky the way most things made for men are. Instead, it reminded my husband of an old fashioned barber shop with the scent of the lemon conditioner they used on the leather seats and the faint scent of sandalwood floating in the air.

For father’s day this year, I decided to come up with some that had a similar scent and hope that he will use it in his goatee because I love the way it smells.


The DIY Beard Balm is so easy to make and it is so quick you can make it from start to pouring it into the container in less than 15 minutes. Make one for all the bearded men in your life! The cost was only about $3, but that is an overestimate so it it probably even less. You could significantly lower that cost if you buy your 2 oz tin containers in bulk on Amazon. And I didn’t figure the cost of the essential oils for Sandalwood or Lemongrass as I already had them in my stash.

Sandalwood Lemongrass DIY Beard Balm

To Make this DIY Beard Balm, you will need (makes 2 balms):

2 Tbsp Coconut Oil

2Tbsp Shea Butter

1 1/2 Tbsp Shaved or Finely chopped Beeswax

15 Drops Sandalwood Essential Oil

7 Drops Lemongrass Essential Oil

2-2oz Tins

1. Start by gathering all your ingredients in one place. When you are ready to make this DIY beard Balm recipe it will move quickly so you will need to have everything in order and measured out.

2. Using a double boiler, (I use a mason jar in a small pot of boiling water), add the Shea butter and Coconut oil and stir until melted, completely. I like to use bamboo skewers because they can just be tossed when you are done and they work well to break up chunks. Don’t just leave it to boil as you don’t want it to. You need to be stirring it constantly.

Double Boiler

3. When you have a liquid to work with, add your beeswax. Stir until melted completely, breaking up any chunks. When it is a liquid, remove from heat.

4. Add in your essential oils and give them a small stir to incorporate them in. Pour your liquid into your tins and set them somewhere where they will not be disturbed. If I am in a hurry, I sometimes use the fridge, but you can also just wait about 30-45 minutes and they will harden completely.

liquid beard balm

5. If you want, place a label on the lid and give your gift!


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Sandalwood Lemongrass DIY Beard Balm- The perfect gift for bearded guys! This easy to make DIY Beard Balm is so simple to do and it smells fantastic.


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  5. I asked three men in my life that have beards if they had even heard of beard balm, the answer was no. Well, I made a batch (different scents than posted) and they are a hit. Big smiles. I also added a few drops of Tea Tree Oil, to help with skin irritations. Great idea. Thanks!

  6. I use beard balm to sculpt my beard. I really like the scent and combination of sandalwood lemongrass.

  7. Great article!
    Just started growing my new beard (about 2 months in) and the Mrs and I are loving it…
    Can any of your readers give me any tips on how often I should trim my beard?
    Answers would be highly appreciated so I can get my beard “bushy” asap!!!
    Keep up the great work!
    Matt recently posted..How to Grow a Beard Fast at 16 and Beyond!My Profile

  8. I’ve got a family member with coconut allergies. Could I use olive or grapeseed oil instead for theirs?

    1. You will want to use something that will semi harden. Could you use mango butter?

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