Simple and Frugal Organization for Apartments

Storage Solution for Apartments

I have always lived in tight quarters. This has forced me to be pretty creative when it comes to storage. This is the first time I have actually had a pantry and it wasn’t even really one to begin with, but rather a coat closet that I turned into one. Here are my tips for organization in small living quarters that fit your budget.

Use Over-The-Door Shoe organizers for your pantry and your makeup. Just buy an inexpensive clear one for the door of your pantry to store everything from seasoning packets to granola bars. You can save space in your cupboards by opening boxes with individual snacks such as fruit snacks, cereal bars and microwave popcorn bags and put them in the show organizer. This makes them easy to grab and see how many you have left as well. You would not believe how much you can fit into one of these things!

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For makeup and hair products such as ties, headbands and small containers, using an over-the-door shoe organizer can be the solution. For the bathroom, get one that is not plastic as it will tend to grow mold or mildew, but a cloth one. They are often a little more expensive, but I got one at a discount store for less than $10.

Speaking of bathroom organization, hooks can be your shower’s best friend if you don’t have much room. Use them to hang body poofs and a mirror for shaving.

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Hooks also work well for your walls. If you don’t have the room for a coat closet or a coat rack, stylish hooks can be the solution to coats and hats all over the house. give each family member a hook for their coats that is near the door to encourage placement there as soon as they walk in.

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If you have a lot of necklaces or bracelets, hooks can be great to organize this as well. Hang your jewelry on it and place them in kid’s rooms as well for their little treasures.

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To create pantry shelves in my closet, I used interlocking crates that you can buy for a couple dollars each and stacked them horizontally. I keep them in place with a bar across the top that I also hang my plastic grocery bags for re-use from as well as spray bottles.


I hope you found some of these tips helpful for organizing your small space. Why not share with others by pinning, tweeting or sharing on Facebook?

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