Tips for Raising Eco-Conscious Kids

eco friendly kids

Ashley is sharing tips for raising kids that are Eco-friendly.

Whether you are a person who takes the Earth very seriously, or you just want to do your part to keep are environment healthy, raising kids to be eco conscious is very important. Kids are our
future, and their future depends upon an Earth that isn’t filled with trash and junk. So if you are looking for tips for raising eco conscious kids, here they are!

Tips for Raising Eco-Conscious Kids

Teach them to Respect the Outdoors– Teaching starts at home, and you can start teaching your kids to respect the outdoors right in your backyard. You can help them plant trees, flowers, and teach them to leave the creepy crawlies in their habitats.

Be a Role Model– If you are throwing your McDonald’s bags out the window while you drive, your kids are going to think that is OK too. (I really hope you aren’t doing that.) So, be mindful of what you are doing because your kids are watching you. If they see you recycle, they will want to recycle. If they see you clean with green products, they will learn to clean with green products. Don’t just model the behavior, make sure you tell them why, too, as kids are naturally curious.

Remind them to Turn the Lights Off– Not only does turning the lights off to conserve energy and lower your bill, but it is better for the environment. Explain to your kids how electricity is made and sent into homes. Show them pictures of how this energy can be harmful to the environment. Showing them helps them to see why they should turn off their lights.

Recycle and Reuse– Do your part to recycle and reuse. Make it an important part of your chores with your kids. Show them how to recycle and teach them why they should. If your kids are mindful of what can and can’t be recycled, they will throw less in the trash.

Visit a Landfill– Many people are visual learners, and I have found this to be true with my kids. So, I took them to a stinky, smelly landfill. We talked about where the trash goes and the gases that are produced under the ground. We also saw the water in the ditch with runoff from the landfill. We talked about how this affects the world we live in and it has made them a lot more eco

Do a Neighborhood Cleanup– This is an excellent way to teach kids about just how much trash we create. Plus, they will feel like they are really contributing to being a good citizen.

The best thing you can do for your kids to make them eco conscious is to talk to them about it. Teach them the cause and effects of how we treat our Earth. Be a role model and show them
how to make it better.

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eco friendly kids


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