No-Churn Vegan Cherry Banana Sorbet with Added Protein

This is a sponsored post. I was sent product in order to write this on behalf of the advertiser. The recipe and post was written by me.

This perfect treat is great for the hot and long says of summer ahead. Plus, it has added protein and no added sugar. This makes my cherry banana sorbet vegan, dairy free and so so delicious!

No-Churn Vegan Cherry Banana Sorbet with Added Protein

I live in Washington state. You may think we are mostly known for our apples, but you would only be partially right. Some of the best produced crops here are lentils (we even have a festival for it), hops and cherries. While you may have heard of the various cherry types out there, you might not be familiar with my new favorite; Skylar Rae©. I am a huge fan of Rainer cherries because of their sweetness. Did you know cherries are actually measured for their sweetness on something called the Brix scale? These cherries fall in the 21-25 range which is the sweetest of any commercially grown cherry so they really are a delicious treat and sweeter than Rainers making them “the sweetest cherry you’ll ever eat™”

Since summer is here, I thought why not use these sweet cherries in a summer recipes since they are only available for a few short weeks.


Ingredients for Vegan Cherry Banana Sorbet with Added Protein:

6-7 Bananas, very ripe

1 LB of Skylar Rae© Cherries, Pitted

1 3/4 C Almond Milk

1 Scoop Soy Protein Powder

20 Drops Stevia Extract

1/2 Tbsp Vanilla Extract

How to Make Vegan Cherry Banana Sorbet with Added Protein:

First, you will want to freeze your bananas. I do this all the time as bananas start to turn bad here, but if you are doing it just for this recipe, you will want to cut them into coins, lay them on a sheet covered n parchment paper and freeze for about 4-5 hours. You can remove from the sheet and store in a container if you have extra. They are perfect for a snack or in smoothies.

In a food processor, add your bananas and chop. Slowly add in half your almond milk. Then add in the protein powder and the rest of the almond milk.

When you have a great creamy consistency, add in your Skylar Rae© cherries and pulse to mix them in but not pulverize them. Add in your vanilla extract and stevia. Pulse a few time and them use a spatula to mix as to not chop the cherries too small.

Pour into a bread loaf pan and smooth out. I like to save a few cherries to the side to cut in half and add as a garnish on top. Cover with aluminum foil and freeze overnight.


Tips: This will NOT be creamy like ice cream and is much more like a sorbet or fruit ice. If you want a more creamy consistency, I suggest adding a can of coconut milk (full fat) instead of your almond milk.

You can try adding in carob chips for a cherry chip flavor. I considered it but was short n time and couldn’t get to the store.

Find out how Skylar Rae© cherries got their name and download a free eBook at from the Stemilt Farms Website. It truly is a touching one.  Also be sure to follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more recipes.

No-Churn Vegan Cherry Banana Sorbet with Added Protein- Welcome summer and some easy added protein with this no churn sorbet and Skylar Rae© Cherries.

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  1. We are so glad you loved our Skylar Rae cherries and I personally can’t wait to try this recipe!! Cherries and bananas are two of my kiddos fav fruits, so I know this will be a hit. If you are ever in Wenatchee, please visit us! – Brianna from Stemilt Growers
    Brianna recently posted..Easy Cherry CrispMy Profile

    1. Brianna, we would love to come visit you! Shoot me an email and we can make plans. That sounds like a blast.

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